Eat Your Beets!

A Fast-Paced Bluffing Game That's Good For You!

Designed for 2 to 5 players, ages eight and up, Bad Beets is a race for players to get rid of their Beets in any way they can, whether by Feeding the Dog, Sharing with another player or even actually Eating them.

Players can try to get rid of their Beets however they want, but if another player calls them out, they can only dispose of their Beets if they have the right card in their hand.

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How to Play

What’s included in Bad Beets?

  • 15 Role Cards
  • 50 Beet Tokens
  • 12 Ice Cream Tokens
  • 5 Action Reminder Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Starting the Game

  • Shuffle the deck and deal one card face down to each player. Players can look at their cards, but no peeking at others' cards!
  • Give each player 8 Beets.
  • The last player who ate their vegetables goes first.

Taking your Turn

  1. Choose your card
    • Pick up the card passed to you by the player to your right, or if it’s your first turn, draw a card from the deck.
  2. Take an Action
    • Eat a Beet, Feed the Dog, Tattletale or Share with another player.
    • During your turn, other players may reveal reaction cards or call your bluff!
  1. Call your Bluff
    • If a player reveals a different card from the action they claimed, the action cannot happen and the player who called the bluff gets rid of their Beet.
    • If the player reveals a card with the same action they claimed, the player who called the bluff gains a Beet.
  2. Resolve Effects and Pass the Turn
    • After reactions are played and no player calls your bluff successfully, the player resolves their action.
    • At the end of the turn, if there are two or more copies of the same card in the discard pile, shuffle the pile in the the deck.


  • The first player to get rid of their Beets wins!

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